About The Malabo Open Data Report.

Malabo Open Data Report assessed data availability and openness for four East African Countries namely: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. The main objective of the study was to explore the state of open data for the datapoints under the performance indicators used for the reporting of progress by African countries that committed to the Malabo Declaration. The datapoints are picked from The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme(CAADP) guidelines on biennial reporting on countries implementation of the Malabo Declaration. The CAADP Framework has 7 themes comprising of 43 Performance indicators and 170 datapoints. However, this report focuses on 5 themes (2 to 6), consisting of 37 performance indicators under which there are 150 datapoints.

Specifically, the study looked at data found ONLY in Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies’(MDAs) websites. The study also explored data availability in countries’ National Statistics Office(NSO). Two key thematic areas under study were data availability and data openness. Data availability evaluated data presence in MDAs’ websites. Data Openness looked at presence of terms of use of this data as a guide on what users should do with the data.